I consider storytelling through film one of my main talents. Storytelling and design have so much in common, and I find that showing someone the story of a design is the key to understanding it. In this section of my portfolio, you will see some of my film work including directing, camera work, editing, and voiceover work.

Design Concept Explanation

These two videos were created in order to explain design concepts. These are early concepts, and need more iteration, but they do a good job of explaining the ideas as they existed at that time.

Teammates: Alisa Avigan, Gabe Persons, Lulu Wang

My Contribution: Video design and execution, including camera work, direction, and editing

Campus Movie Fest 2014

This is a short film that myself and several classmates completed for Campus Movie Fest, a student film festival. The goal is to create a 5 minute film in one week. The finalists are screened at a special event at the end of the week. Out of 90 teams that entered, our film was screened as one of the final 16.

Teammates: Liz Mikolaj, Stephanie Poppe, Anusha Radhakrishnan, Scott Trepper

My contributions: writing, editing, direction, camera work

A day in the life of a couple, from the perspective of one of the lovers. Created by HCI/d at CMF at Indiana University in 2014 as part of Campus MovieFest, the world's largest student film festival.

Promotional Animations

These are a series of promotional animations I created for the IU Cinema, a university theater that I have volunteering at since 2010 when it came into existence. I  have had the privilege of being their main video editor during this time, and have created promotional trailers, and pre-show animations including a volunteer thanks trailer, and pre-show announcments.

HAL 9000 Cell Phone Reminders

These animations were designed to ask patrons to turn off their cell phones before the show. I used the film 2001: A Space Odyssey as inspiration and created almost every piece of these animations myself, including the HAL 9000 panel, the text based screens, and the voiceover work. The HAL 9000 panel was created in Photoshop, and the lighting and animation were created in After Effects.

IU Cinema Pre-show Animations

These animations were created for the IU Cinema to show before shows. The main logo plays before digital presentations. For their purposes I had to create this at several different aspect ratios, in both grayscale and color. The volunteer thanks trailer played during the first year of their existence, and the THX logo played before a special presentation of Metropolis. The IU Cinema is a THX certified cinema, and Metropolis was playing with a live orchestra. Instead of playing the famous THX sound effect over the speakers, the orchestra played the THX sound effect over my logo. Also included in this section are several draft versions of the THX logo before one was selected as the final.

Promotional Trailers

These are a series of trailers I edited for the IU Cinema. Each of these focuses on a series of films at the IU Cinema. These trailers are based upon the best available source that I could find. While the Cinema had permission to create promotional material based on these films, they were not provided with high quality sources to create this material.


This design project was completed by a team of classmates. They asked me to do the voiceover work for their video. I agreed. Every voice in the video is mine, and the animated narrator uses a picture of me.

My Contribution: Voiceover