This project was completed in the first semester of my graduate design program. Our goal was to design a new website for an imaginary store selling Eames furniture. We were required to research potential competition, and create personas based on potential users, and complete a wireframe.

Teammates: Urvashi Gupta, Tianjie Li

My Contributions: Site was designed as a team, but the wireframe and sketch work here is entirely my own.


Our personas were based on various people that we envisioned as potential customers of the store. We brainstormed the traits and goals of each of the users as a team, and I wrote the full scenarios and created the slides.


Based on these personas, we sketched out potential single page user experiences for our users. We each came up with individual ideas for how different pages would look. My contribution was a feature where users could upload a picture of their own living room, and then place Eames furniture in their own spaces.

A finalized sketch of our Build Your Living Room concept.

Additional sketches from different parts of the process.


We decided on an experience that would allow the user to upload a picture of their own living room and place various Eames furniture in their own space. The furniture images could be rotated, and different options could be selected to customize the look.

I created the following wireframes in Balsamiq, but also took some time to learn the basics of Axure as I went through this project.

Eames furniture store wireframe. This image gives a tour of the various site pages.

Eames Furniture store wireframe showing the process a user would go through to purchase a chair.