Design Documentary

One of my projects outside of class is creating a documentary about my classmates journey to become designers. I have over 40 hours of interviews, and I am currently working to edit this together into a 90-minute documentary.

I began this project from a simple curiosity: Is everyone else having the same experience I'm having? I have extensive experience interviewing people from a weekly podcast I hosted in the past. I began asking my classmates what they thought of being interviewed about their experience. Their enthusiasm sparked the expansion of the project.

Over the course of 6 weeks during January and February of 2014, I interviewed 40 people about their experience in the program. Currently, I plan on using this as a reflection tool for our program so that we can all see how far we've come in our first year. This could potentially expand to the incoming class as well.

Below is a short clip of some of the material.

Teammates: Jordan Hayes, Xuan Luo, Lulu Wang

My Contribution: Interviews, camera work, direction, editing, producing